ENZO & EVA is a brand of products and lifestyle for the whole family.

A Portuguese project, ecological, family oriented and aware of one’s surroundings.

We produce original and exclusive pieces.






We are for ethical production and fair trade; we prefer environmentally friendly raw materials and manufacturing processes without waste; we do not work for perpetual growth but for sustainable prosperity; we believe that our future is natural, organic, minimalist and comfortable.


We nurture a close relationship with all those who are part of this family, demonstrating and proving that fashion does not have to be a futile whim, and can be a vehicle for messages that are going to change the world.


We believe in the importance of setting an example: because children are the future of Humanity, it is within our homes, where our objects reside, that we can transmit simple and fundamental values and spark curiosity about what we consume.

We extend the product lifecycle and encourage savings by seeking to create durable and quality goods that grow with the family and can be shared amongst siblings, cousins, and friends regardless of the child's gender.


We encourage our consumers to take an interest and seek knowledge about the entire production process and materials used in the making of our products, to inspire creativity, to promote the independence and personal style of their children and to take playing very seriously.


We have assembled a fun and conscientious team that is strongly committed to fulfilling the brand's mission: to create an offer with a positive impact on the future of humanity.

© 2019 by Enzo & Eva. Proudly created by JL & Comapny
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